Home Environment: Rain (Seattle).

Occupation: Audio Artist [and occasional Software Programmer].

Physical Form: currently going to grad school.

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t aware of an inner world. As a kid, it was my own inner world – composed mostly of landscapes of glaciers and forests that reflected the natural beauty that I grew up in. As I grew I tried to externalize this world, often through writing, painting, playing, etc, in order to show that world to others and, maybe, have the honor of some of them taking a part of my world into their own. It’s an important part of the human experience – to collect parts of these worlds and to share them. I personally feel it’s a form of understanding and belonging.

I also apparently feel it is is important enough to dedicate a life to. I think all art fulfills this understanding/belonging function, but theatre is somewhat unique in the collaborative nature of the form. Creating an exceptional piece of theatre is quasi-mystical in the way that it requires a melding of many imaginations. Music can be similar, especially when there are many instrumentalists/composers/creative forces. And so, I’ve figured, there aren’t many better places to hang out than the junction of those two forms – Sound Design.